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Eu sou da cor! Não vivo de brancos e crus. Gosto dos off whites até uma semana, porque começo sentir falta do carbono, do roxo, do carmim, do amarelo. Marrom, beges e cremes são lindos em revista. Para mim NUDE é uma cor que não existe, nem sei quem inventou. Aliás quem inventou o nude não deve ser feliz. Feliz sou eu que não vivo sem o turquesa!

abril 03, 2011

Divine Decor- NY. Vamos Junto comigo?

Dear friend,
I would like to inform you about our upcoming event - Divine Premiere - on April 23, 2011. The event will recognize the excellence of professionals in the American business who have excelled in 2010.
We will have the support of well known companies, and we would really appreciate to have your business as one of our guests.
All of the arrangements have been made to make the event unforgettable.
We will provide special decoration with wedding cake and beautiful fabric flowers for chocolates, truffles, Djs and much more!
The media will be present to register each moment, as well as photographers and important businessmen.
It is a nonprofit event, and the only goal of Divine Decor is to show its beautiful and tasteful work to potential new customers.
The event will be held in a very sophisticated lounge in NYC(www.covetlounge.com).
We would appreciate your contact to allow us to answer all the questions may have.
I can be reached at (973) 280-8095 or
by email: contact@divinedecor.net
P.S. If you send your address, I would love to send the invitation for you house or office.
Thank you,

Flavio Murillo

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